Govt Of India prestigious project Aadhaar is going on very well. In the process of  improvement Aadhaar team added one facility to download our aadhaar card through online.


In early days of Aadhaar project Download of Aadhaar card is not available. At that time we will receive the card through post only. Now Aaadhaar Team observed the difficulties in Indian Post , They provided an option to download the Card online.

There are few steps in Download Aadhaar card Online

Step 1:

We need to have enrollment Number which is printed on the Aadhaar receipt.

This Enrollment Number will be in the form of   (1234/12345/12345)        (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)  . i.e It consist 12 digit Number and The date month and Year and also It includes hours, minutes and seconds.

Candidate must poses this number In order to download the card.


Candidate need to fill the details in the form . The form will be asking the Enrollment number and name of the resident and also Pincode . At last that will ask for the security captcha to be entered.

The form will look like

Step 3:

IN step 3 you will be asked to verify last Five digits of your mobile number . That will ask the confirmation if you press yes then one message will be sent to your mobile .

If the displayed is not your number then press No , then one option will be given to to enter your correct number . To that number one message will be sent .

Step 4:

In this step you need to enter the code which you get in your message to yiur mobile. This is called OTP ( One Time Password) . This will work only once.

Step 5:

In this step one file will be download on your computer in Pdf format , In order to open that file you need to type your pincode as password. Then you can find the Card .


Finally You will get it.


Now  Click Here To Download Aadhaar Card


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